One World DMG designs and manufactures the best training products available to the medical community.
One World DMG is your best one-stop source for reusable injection trainers designed to help patients confidently and properly self-inject.
Our award-winning designs help combat nonadherence by improving the patient experience.
For manufacturers the opportunity to start patients off on the right foot and gain brand loyalty presents itself at the onset of treatment.
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patient education

For over 30 years we’ve been helping pharmaceutical companies educate and motivate patients. In fact, teaching patients about their health and encouraging compliance has always been our core business – which is why we’re so good at it.

Patient Compliance

As an industry leader in patient education we understand the huge challenge noncompliance presents – its detrimental effect on health outcomes for patients, as well as, its enormous economic impact now estimated at well over $100 billion annually.

We recognize the important role education plays in combating noncompliance. Inventive, effective patient-centric solutions for improving adherence and persistence are our trademark.

Anatomical Models

Designed by our award-winning team of certified medical illustrators, designers, and engineers, our educational models are valued for their innovative design, stunning anatomy, medical accuracy, and overall effectiveness. Our models support your brand message and image, while promoting better communication between patients and physicians.

“Anatomical models play a critical role in educating not only patients but also healthcare professionals.” – Dr. DaySpring

award-winning graphic design and medical illustration

We use our medical expertise to create award-winning Posters, Booklets, Apps, Animations and much more …

training models

One World DMG designs and manufactures the best training products available to the medical community. Our award-winning staff of designers, certified medical illustrators, and engineers team up to create educational training pieces that stand out for their quality, accuracy, and effectiveness in replicating the actual procedural experience.

A Wise Investment

Training physicians, HCPs and surgeons to use your device or product correctly is key to your brand’s success. By properly training your customers you protect your development and manufacturing investment. We create solutions that help guarantee knowledgeable, satisfied, and loyal customers.

Innovative Solutions

Our complete line of training solutions include; interactive educational training models, reusable training devices, surgical procedure training models, training kits, and related training videos.

“There is a dire need for simulation in vaginal surgery. Residency case numbers for vaginal procedures have decreased dramatically and the FDA cites lack of training as a major cause of mesh related problems in pelvic organ prolapse surgery.” – Dr. Miyazaki

injection training

One World DMG is your best one-stop source for reusable injection trainers designed to help patients confidently and properly self-inject. Replicating the look, feel, and operation of prescription autoinjectors, injection pens, and pre-filled syringes, our injection trainers let patients practice self-injecting again and again – before injecting actual medication.

Training = Compliance

Anything a manufacturer can do to help encourage patient adherence is a smart investment. Our reusable injection trainers let patients master the injection process and build confidence at their own pace. That experience translates into knowledgeable and less fearful patients who are more likely to remain compliant with their treatment.

Cost Saving Solutions

Rather than relying on the limited use of disposable training solutions and dealing with the high costs associated with them, our clients opt for the significant cost-savings provided by the reusable trainers we develop for patients and nurses.

Beyond the Autoinjector


One World DMG designs and manufactures innovative compliance packaging solutions. Our award-winning designs help combat nonadherence by improving the patient experience, and by providing a wide variety of packaging features that help patients take their medication correctly.

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What’s Next Is Now

Prescription amber vials, do little, if anything, to help patients take their medication. These days manufacturers recognize the important role compliance packaging can play in encouraging patient adherence and persistence.

One World’s experienced team of designers and mechanical engineers, work together to create compliance packaging unrivaled in the industry. Our existing line of products, as well as, our custom designs offer enhanced branding opportunities for manufacturers and support company goals for helping patients.

Design Meets Manufacturing

We approach every project knowing that whatever we design we will ultimately need to manufacture. That reality is what sets us apart from most design firms, and what ensures our packaging concepts aren’t just “pie in the sky” ideas.

Factory Specs PDF One World DMG’s design and engineering team collaborate with our manufacturing team to produce top quality pieces that will look and operate the way they were designed to function in the real world.

Your Unique Challenges

digital content

Providing our clients with digital solutions comes as a natural extension of our core offerings – anatomical models, educational posters, starter kits and all things educational.

iPad showing Arthrosurface Knee App
Available on the iPhone App Store

The Physical World Meets The Digital World

The digital content that makes up our anatomical models, as an example, can be translated into an app or video version of that same educational model. The benefit of the additional formats can be seen in the reinforcement of your educational material and brand message.

The Demand For Choices

There’s no escaping the fact that today’s patients require more options when it comes to information. The educational needs of one patient or physician can be completely different for another. Arming HCPs with a wide variety of educational materials that include anatomical models, patient brochures, educational posters, websites, animations and apps (to name a few) ensure your message is being heard – by the people you want to reach.

starter kits

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. For manufacturers the opportunity to start patients off on the right foot and gain brand loyalty presents itself at the onset of treatment.

Forming Healthy Habits

Misunderstanding or a lack of information can lead to a negative patient experience, which can ultimately result in noncompliance. Patient Starter Kits from One World DMG give manufacturers the tools they need to help educate and motivate patients encouraging them to form healthy habits early on.

Our Menu

When it comes to educa­tional materials, we know that dif­ferent patients respond to dif­ferent things.

One World offers a wide variety of educational items suitable for your brand’s kit – each with distinct advantages for your unique audience. Choose from our menu of EduBrand products or ask about custom designed solutions.